To blog or not to blog…


So I have a million things to do, and here I am, writing a blog. I know, I know, I’m crazy! But I’ve been wanting to start a music education blog for a while, and a few days ago, another music educator I know also began a blog (you can see Liza’s blog in my blogroll), and it motivated me to finally start one of my own.

I’d like to use this as a place to share ideas, start discussions, and talk about the joys and frustrations of teaching music. If you have an idea, or need suggestions, just let me know and I’ll post it to the blog, and hopefully, all of you wonderful music teachers will participate!

I look forward to starting and facilitating some great discussions! Have a happy Friday!


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  1. Hi there, just wanted to let you know that you’ve got a great blog so far, and that I’ve really enjoyed reading it. As an aspiring music teacher, I find your ideas very helpful!

  2. Hey — love your blog! 🙂 Will post your site link on my blog if you’ll add mine to yours. Lots of great ideas here as well as Liza’s. Thanks for sharing.


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