Building a classroom library


I’ve been pretty busy doing orders for my new classroom library. I have $750…quite a bit of that I am spending on teacher resources, but I thought I’d share the picture books I’m buying with the remainder. I already have a pretty extensive picture book library, but I’ll jot down what I’m purchasing for next year. Hope you find this of some use!

“Birdsongs” by Franco, Jenkins (vocal exploration)

“Roller Coaster” by Frazee (vocal exploration)

“America the Beautiful” by Bates and Waldman (singalong)

“The Crabfish” by Feierabend and Nguyen (listening/ singalong)

“Down by the Bay” by Raffi (singalong)

“Pecorino’s First Concert” by Madison and Cantone (audience etiquette)

“Jazz Fly” by Gallub and Hanke (jazz/ comes with CD)

“Oh a Hunting we will go” by Langstaff and Parker (singalong/ text improvisation)

“Simple Gifts” by Raschka (listening/ singalong)

“Star Spangled Banner” by Spier and Key (singalong) 

“This Land is Your Land” by Guthrie and Jackobsen (singalong)

“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Rosen and Oxenbury (listening/ singalong/ fast and slow)

“My Little Sister Ate One Hare” by Grossman and Hawkes (instrument playing–check out Liza Meyer’s blog for this one!)

“Sunshine on my Shoulders” by Denver and Canyon (listening/ singalong)

“Yellow Umbrella” by Liu and Sheen (listening/ comes with CD)

“Dragon Dancing” by Morgan and Schaefer (holidays/ listening/ creative movement)

“The Important Thing” by Margaret Wse Brown (song connection/ possible program)

“Greatest Composers” (Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven) by Venezia (history)

“Feliz Navidad” by Diaz (holiday/ singalong)

“Click Clack Moo” by Cronin (half note)

“Duke Ellington: The Piano Prince and his Orchestra” by Pinkney (history/ jazz)

“Winter Lullaby” (lullaby/ song connection) by Newbold and Seuling

“Cat Goes Fiddle-I-Fee” by Galdone (singalong)

“Listen to the Rain” by Martin, Archambault, and Endicott (song connection/ poetry)

“Please Puppy Please” by Lee, Lee, and Martin (quarter rest– “Please Baby Please” also good for this)

“Gobble it up” by Arnosky (listening, comes with CD)

“All the pretty little horses” by Saport (lullaby/ listening)

“Dizzy” by Winter and Qualls (history/ jazz)

“Peter and the Wolf” with CD by Schulman, Malone (listening/ comes with CD)

“The Sound of Kwanzaa” by Tukunbo (holidays)

“The Sound of the Orchestra” by Levine, Levine, Hamilton (instruments of the orchestra/ history/ comes with CD)

“If you find a rock” by Christian, Lember (song connection)

“I Got Two Dogs” by Lithgow, Neubecker (listening/ comes with CD)


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  1. Thanks for the links and for sharing your thoughts about classroom library. I agree: The greatest contribution you can make to students’ success is to help them become proficient learners. A well-stocked and organized classroom library forms the foundation for reading success as well as the achievement of one’s goals. Please also share other useful studio management tips and resources – giving us more rooms for effectiveness and efficiency. These ideas and experiences from you can be very useful to most of us in this music studio business. Thanks again and see you around. Cheers!

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