Alliance for Active Music Making


I was recently asked to serve on a panel for the Alliance for Active Music Making (AAMM) at the OMEA conference this upcoming January. As part of this panel, I would represent the Kodaly philosophy alongside representatives for Orff, Gordon (MLT), and Dalcroze, answering questions and teaching a short sample lesson. This is a very exciting opportunity, to build relationships and collaborate with teachers trained in other philosophies.

The AAMM website has some really wonderful resources I wanted to pass along. If you go to and then click on resources, you can then click on any of the philosophies. This will take you to a summary of each philosophy, and then at the bottom of the page, you can watch a 30-minute video taught by a teacher who is an expert in that philosophy. While it is difficult to show the subtleties of each philosophy in 30 minutes, each video seems to give a good overview of how a teacher trained in that philosophy might teach.

There are wonderful ideas, concepts, and methods in all the videos. Enjoy!


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