New Ohio Music Standards


I was surprised to learn recently that the Ohio Department of Education had put out a rough draft of new music standards for K-12. I wasn’t aware that a committee had even been working on revising these! My district uses the state standards as our curriculum, so I immediately checked them out. They can be found at:

At first, it seemed overwhelming to try to figure out what had changed and what hadn’t. To help, I created a table for each grade level listing what was the same, what was similar, what was added, and what was taken out. I thought I’d share these for any music teachers in the state of Ohio, so you can quickly see what the tentative changes are. I am attaching these by grade level.

After you check these out, please go to to submit your input, so that your voice is heard!

Kindergarten Standards Comparison

First Grade Standards

Second Grade Standards

Third Grade Standards

Fourth Grade Standards

Fifth Grade Standards



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  1. Since your state has just adopted new standards, do you know if they will be adopting the Core Standards for the Arts when they are finished? Has your state adopted the Common Core Standards for other subjects? (Math & English/Language Arts are the only ones currently finished)

    I have a post about the Core Arts Standards if you aren’t familiar with the most recent progress.

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