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If you’ve been following this blog, you know how much I love my SMART board…in fact, I can’t imagine having to teach without it! In today’s world, when music educators hear the word “technology,” they often think of the SMART board, but as wonderful as the SMART board is, there are in fact many other wonderful ways we can connect to technology in our classrooms. The following is a list of websites I have found immensely useful.


This popular site seems like it is strictly for socializing with friends, but I was recently invited to a group called “Kodály Educators” on Facebook. They regularly have discussions about music education. When members have a question about teaching, they ask other members, who give very helpful advice. Other music education groups I belong to include “American Orff-Schulwerk Association” and “Organization of American Kodály Educators.” If you don’t see a group that fits your needs, why not create one?


This has been a very exciting find for me! At http://www.pinterest.com, members can create their own boards where they “pin” things they like. Many members use it as a way to show their tastes in home décor and clothing, but I’ve found many really wonderful ideas about music education! If you are not a member, send me an email over Facebook or Yahoo, and I can invite you. You can also apply to be a member, but Pinterest may take a few days to respond.


If you often have to send an email from your home address to your school address with the week’s lesson plans, you should try out dropbox (www.dropbox.com). This application allows you to save files to your dropbox, and the dropbox can be opened up on any computer to which you’ve downloaded the program. No more searching for your flash drive, or sending yourself emails!

Music Education Blogs:

Other great blogs I have found include:

Liza Meyers’ Music Blog: Meyersmusicactivities.blogspot.com

Thom Borden’s Music Blog: thomborden.blogspot.com

In My Music Class: Musicelementary.blogspot.com

Kodály and Orff Music Teacher’s Blog: herdingcatsgeorge.blogspot.com


Folk Song Sites:

These are wonderful websites for searching for and learning new folk songs:

American Folk Song Collection at Holy Names: kodaly.hnu.edu

Andrew’s Master Copies, compiled by my good friend Andrew Ellingsen: http://web.mac.com/eric_andrew/Master_Copies/Welcome.html


Enjoy browsing these great sites! And comment on this post if you know of any others!


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  1. Hi Aileen,
    Thanks for the great post! I had bookmarked Andrew’s Master Copies website a couple of months ago to use as a resource, but today when I tried to access it, the site was down. Do you happen to know if it has moved? I would love an updated address — it was such a wonderful site!

    Fellow music teacher,

    • Hi there!
      I knew that Andrew was going to be taking the site down soon…it had something to do with the website company/ server. If he gets it back up through a different company/ server, I will write a post about it!

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