SMART board files posted to SMART Exchange


Those of you who have a SMART board know how great the SMART Exchange website is. The site is, and has a plethora of free SMART board files, including music files. I’ve been using files from this site for a year and a half, and finally decided to post some of my own!

I modeled the files off of the “Which Melody Do You Hear?” activities found on the Interactive Now SMART Board CD’s, which can be found on the West Music website. These files are excellent–they ask students to visually and aurally identify different staff patterns–but they only include sol-mi and sol-mi-la patterns. I loved the idea, but wanted to use them with more difficult melodic concepts, so I decided to create my own.

The files, which practice “do,” “re,” and “low la,” can be found here:

Or you can go to the website, and search for “Kodaly” under the subject “Music.” I hope you enjoy! And if you have your own files, please consider submitting them! 


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