Standards Comparison Take Two


I just received word that the draft of the new state of Ohio music standards has been approved. The committee changed the standards quite a bit from the last draft, so I went through each grade level and revised my standards comparison. I am attaching them here. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you see any mistakes.

I believe we have a couple years before the standards are official, but I’m going to try to absorb all of this information now!

Kindergarten Standards Comparison revised

First Grade Standards Revised

Second Grade Standards Revised

Third Grade Standards Revised

Fourth Grade Standards Revised

Fifth Grade Standards Revised


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  1. Hi Aileen,
    In Hilliard we are revising our course of study for the performing arts to align with the new state standards. The elementary general music folks have created a matrix that takes the new Ohio music standards and aligns them to the 9 National Standards and lays it all out so you can see the progression of each standard from K-6. The draft is available at: Keep in mind that this is still a draft, as we haven’t looked at the final Ohio standards yet. I have just glanced at them, and I already see some changes that will need to be made. Do you know of anyone who has a document comparing the draft to the final version? In the meantime, if someone would like to use our matrix, please credit the Hilliard City Schools.

    P.S. To align our curriculum K-12 and across 16 elementary buildings, we added a few “Hilliard” standards that are indicated with an *asterisk.


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