Setting up your music classroom


To educators, the beginning of August brings with it a sense of anticipation, as the school year will soon begin. Many of us start to head into school to set up our classrooms—to create colorful bulletin boards, to hang posters on the wall, to get instruments out of the closet and dust them off.

As I set up my classroom this year, I decided while there were some aspects of my classroom I would keep the same from years past, I wanted to try out a few different ideas—many of which I found online! Below are some of those ideas:

“MUSIC” Rules: I found these on the website “Teachers Pay Teachers,” which offers free teaching downloads as well as inexpensive resources. The site also allows members to upload their own resources; members can choose whether to offer these resources for free download or for purchase.

The rules are like an acrostic poem for the word “Music,” and can be found for $2 at this link:

National Music Standards: I found this on the same website, for free, at:

I made a poster out of the sheet with my school’s poster maker, and am thinking of labeling which standards we are working on that day with grade level stars. I think it’s a great way for students to reflect on what we are doing in music class.


 Music is for everyone: I post this above my white board—it’s a great reminder to me, and to all of my students, that music is meant for everyone! I made the letters with a Cricut. If you don’t have one, ask any of your friends that scrapbook. They may have one and might be willing to let you use it—it’s a great tool for making fun, attractive letters!


Flat and sharp pencils: I found this idea on Pinterest, and thought it was a wonderful way for students to easily sort the flat and sharp pencils in your room, before and/or after they use the pencils. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, I highly recommend it. Go to for more information.


“Around the World” Bulletin board: I use this board year-round, to map songs we’ve learned throughout the year. Let’s say we just sang “Sorida” from Zimbabwe…I have a student volunteer come up and find Zimbabwe on the map. Then, I have the printed out title ready, and we pin it to the board.

“Musicians from Ohio” Bulletin Board: This year, my school has a “WILD Ohio” theme. Because of this, I will have a bulletin board focusing on musicians from Ohio; the art teacher will have a bulletin board focusing on artists from Ohio. The librarian will focus on authors from Ohio, and the P.E. teacher will focus on athletes from Ohio. I was excited to find all of the great talent from Ohio! Of course, this idea could be adapted to any state.

“Wild about composers” Bulletin board: This is another board I use year-round with my students. As we do a listening lesson, I post that composer’s picture and name on the board, until by the end of the year, the board is full. Again, I used Cricut letters to create this board.

Thinking Chairs: I got this idea from the P.E. teacher at my school. When a child needs a time-out, he/she will go to the chair labeled “I need time to think.” When he/she is done thinking and is ready to join the class, he/she will move over to the chair labeled “I am ready to go!” It’s a great way for students to monitor their own readiness.

Have a great idea for setting up your classroom? Please post it below!

Also, if you check out the Teachers Pay Teachers website, please visit to download some free visuals I’ve uploaded. If you like what you see, please review it. I’m waiting for some reviews so I can post some more free files.

Have fun setting up your classrooms, and have another exciting year!


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  1. Those are some great classroom ideas! I stumbled across this post on Pinterest. I will be putting up “Music is for everyone” over my board Monday morning! Also thanks for the shout out with my music class rules. It was so great to see my product being used in a real classroom, making classroom organization easier for people! Check out my blog if you want to see more. I’ll definitely be following you and downloading/reviewing your Bee rhythms!

    • Hi Claire! Thanks for checking out my blog (and for your music rules!) I added your blog to my blogroll, and will have to delve into it deeper. Looks great! And thanks for reviewing my Bee rhythms…I will be adding more in a bit, but just had a baby so life is a big crazy right now!

  2. I really like the thinking chair. This year I’m doing a ROCK theme.
    Respect all people things and places, Only Do Your Very Best, Come in and Line Up singing or smiling, Keep yourself and others safe. I’m also trying out a clip moving chart and the 2nd offense is Join the Audience so I can have an audience seat, and a ready to perform seat.

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