Aileen Miracle teaches general music and band in the Olentangy Local School District near Columbus, Ohio. This is her thirteenth year teaching; previously, she taught in Lancaster City Schools as well as Utica Community Schools in Utica, Michigan. Aileen received her Bachelor of Music Education from Central Michigan University in 1999, and her Master of Music in Music Education from Capital University in 2003; she completed her masters studies at the Kodaly Institute in Kecskemet, Hungary. Aileen serves as President-Elect of the Midwest Kodaly Music Educators of America, President of the Tri-City Kodaly Educators, and served for six years on the board of the Organization of American Kodaly Educators. She has taught Level III and Level I Methodology and Folk Song Research for DePaul University’s Kodaly Program, currently teaches Level I Methodology and Folk Song Research for Colorado State University’s Kodaly Program, and presents workshops across the nation.

She is married to her wonderful husband Scott, and has two daughters: Jenna, who is 8, and Macy Rae, a newborn.

Also check out for some free downloads.


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  1. Hello Aileen,

    I am a K-6 music teacher in Omaha. I have completed my Kodaly I and saw you using the “Could it be SLSM?” game with your 3rd graders on your SMART board. I searched the SMART exchange site but couldn’t find it–could you please let me know where you located this fantastic game and/or if you made it yourself!

  2. Hi Aileen!
    I was looking through your literature list and was curious about the half note lesson in “Click Clack Moo”. Is that with an ostinato maybe?
    Thank you for sharing,

    • Hi Christy!
      I have students clap and say the words “click clack moo” every time it happens, with “moo” being a half note. Then I hand out rhythm sticks and students tap for “click” and “clack” and then drag one stick on the other for “moo.” Good physical practice!

  3. Hi Aileen,

    I am a brand new music teacher and was just checking out resources online. I came across your blog and have already picked up several fantastic ideas. Thanks for your blog. I have set it as a favorite in my broswer!

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